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When Pigs Fly Game

I began working on this project in January 2013 for the WDMD Advanced Development Agency. When Pigs Fly is a platformer game designed to be a new therapeutic method for victims of stroke to exercise their finger dexterity in a new and exciting way compared to traditional physical therapy. Gameplay is done through an Arduino Uno and pressure sensor that detects varying levels of pressure between two fingers when squeezed.

The main character is an ambitious little pig by the name of Hamlett who decides to escape his boring farm life in search of his wings.

Level one focuses on short, quick pinches from the user to make the pig jump up moving clouds and hitting birds to take & collect their feathers to obtain wings of his own.

Level two focusses on several long pinches making the pig flap his new wings to collect coins in the sky. The game is won when the user has obtained 100 coins.

View on GitHub.

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Location: Madison, WI